Video of sex in mri

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The Story of the Couple Who Shagged in an MRI Machine for Science

MRI scans take an looks at internal organs during sex | Daily Mail Online

Ida Sabelis recalls being excited and nervous, but not particularly horny. And there she was making small talk in the MRI lab of a hospital with three male scientists when she suddenly had a thought. The three scientists jumped to attention, along with her boyfriend Jupp, who hurried off to the bathroom to pee. One of the scientists removed the retractable steel tray from the MRI, then Ida and Jupp undressed and clambered in naked. Originally Jupp was supposed to lay on top of Ida, missionary-style, but Ida baulked at the idea. All photos by the author.

This Is What Sex Looks Like Inside An MRI Scanner (NSFW)

You're in luck! A new NSFW video featuring footage from multiple MRI scans affords a remarkable glimpse inside human bodies as they engage in intimate activities ranging from a French kiss to, yes, full-bore coitus. MRI scanners create still and, in this case, moving images with the help of strong magnetic fields that interact with protons inside our bodies.
Warning Graphic Content: Incredible montage of hundreds of scans also shows a birth, people speaking and a pair of lungs breathing. The incredible montage of hundreds of scans was compiled by Vox and also shows a birth, people speaking and a pair of lungs breathing. It also exposes every detail of a fairly intimate moment, starting with the heart beating faster as two people kiss. According to the British Medical Journal the scenes were filmed to find out whether taking images of the male and female genitals during sex is possible.