Sex with kenyan girls

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The IRC is seeing an increase in gender-based violence, early and forced marriage, and women and girls engaging in transactional sex as a direct consequence of food insecurity caused by drought in the region. Clear and alarming indications of harmful coping mechanisms were found during an assessment conducted in late February by the IRC in Turkana County looking at how the ongoing drought has affected local populations. Women reported they were engaging in transactional sex, and girls reported to have been married off at an early age to procure food for their families. As a result of the drought, girls as young as 12 years old are moving from rural to urban areas to engage in transactional sex. Many of these young girls report being the head of their household with younger siblings or even children of their own who depend on them for food.

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We previously reported that 65 per cent of females in the Kibera slum had traded sex for sanitary pads. This information was supplied to The Independent by Unicef. However, Unicef has since stated that it does not have research to back up this figure. We are happy to update the matter. Girls in Kenya are forced to have in sex in exchange for sanitary products due to the prevalence of period poverty and the shame, stigma and public health misinformation which surrounds menstruation. Unicef has highlighted research which found that 10 per cent of young adolescent girls admitted to having transactional sex for pads in western Kenya. The research found 54 per cent of Kenyan girls reported challenges with accessing menstrual hygiene management products and 22 per cent of girls of school attending age indicated they bought their own sanitary products.

Kenyan girls forced into sex in exchange for sanitary products

I find them at the market, concerts, weddings and on the beach. From Thailand and the Philippines to the Dominican Republic and Brazil, sex tourism is common in developing countries where poverty and discrimination push millions of women into commercial sexual exploitation. While these figures date back over a decade, little has improved, say campaigners and government officials. A lack of development, few job opportunities and weak law enforcement has, in fact, allowed the trade to thrive.
A most recent documentary by the BBC Africa has exposed the evil behind African women who are trafficked to India as sex slaves to sell their bodies. Grace, a young Kenyan girl and a mother who is a singer and musician wanted to make ends meet when she was informed of a job vacancy in India. Her dreams to help her family and take care of her child were shattered after she landed in India, and her passport was taken away by a new woman, identified as Goldie introduced to her as a caregiver. According to Grace, she is just one of the at least 1, Kenyan women who have been lured into other countries in the name of getting jobs only to be treated as sex slaves, and used to make money for sex cartels.