Sex in the dark

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We automatically assume that lights off is the first step of sex, but imagine the possibilities of leaving the lights on. Photo: Getty. Answer: It depends on whom you ask. Conversely, or so the generalizations go, women have an affinity for romance and mystery—and more often contend with negative body images—which would lead anyone to prefer a pitch-black setting. I conducted an informal survey among friends some names have been changed by request, which is completely understandable for a modern update on the topic.

8 convincing reasons to keep the lights on during sex

Why we really want sex in the dark - Brazen

Nearly half of Brits choose to have sex with the lights off, according to research! Yes — apparently, forty-one per cent of the nation most often flick the switch to keep their lovemaking in the dark, a poll of 2, UK adults found. Mistress Maverick had a few things to say about that! Back to the survey. There are plenty of reasons for keeping sex in the dark, it says. Shyness, tiredness and self-consciousness are just a few. Look around you.

9 Reasons Why You Should Have Sex with the Lights on Tonight

When it comes to activities in the bedroom, everyone has different preferences for how things go down. And just like actual sex itself, everyone has their own reasons for why they like things the way they do. One instance, where people can have varying opinions, is the ambiance of the room in which they have sex in.
Don't like having sex with the lights on? You're definitely not alone. A survey conducted by energy supplier Boost reveals that seven in ten people usually choose to turn out the lights when getting intimate with a lover.