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In July , Canada became the fourth country in the world, after the Netherlands, Belgium, and Spain, to legalize same-sex marriages nationwide. This new legal status for gays and lesbians has been a controversial issue in Canada, both in the public and in Parliament. This article provides a historical and legal overview of same-sex marriage in Canada. It outlines how gay and lesbian rights have evolved in Canada over time, important court cases that motivated the legalization of same-sex marriage, and key tenets of the federal legislation that officially recognized same-sex marriage. Credits: This article was initially written by Rhonda Lauret Parkinson.

Same-Sex Marriage in Canada

1 in 4 Canadians still oppose full same-sex marriage rights: poll |

What role did the Commission play throughout the debate on same sex marriage? How did same sex marriage come to be protected by the Canadian Human Rights Act? This submission analyzes same-sex civil marriage through the prism of human rights. More specifically, it looks at the prohibitions of discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation and discrimination on the grounds of religious freedom. The Government has asked this Standing Committee to examine whether, "given our constitutional framework and the traditional meaning of marriage, Parliament should take measures to recognize same-sex unions and, if so, what should they be? The Canadian Human Rights Commission recognizes that the issue of same-sex marriages is controversial. This question touches the core values and beliefs of Canadians across a broad cultural, political, moral and religious spectrum; and it does so in profound ways.

LGBT rights in Canada

Want to discuss? Please read our Commenting Policy first. Fourteen years after Canada legalized full marriage rights for same-sex couples, a new poll has found one in four Canadians still oppose the measure.
Signing up enhances your TCE experience with the ability to save items to your personal reading list, and access the interactive map. In , Statistics Canada began collecting information about same-sex partnerships. At that time, about 0. After same-sex marriage became available on 20 July , the census was the first to collect data on legally married same-sex couples. It showed there were more than 45, declared same-sex couples in the country, and that