Safe pornography

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Today, any child with unrestricted Internet access is just a mouse click away from viewing, either intentionally or accidentally, sexually explicit material online, from adult pornography the kind of images that appear in Playboy to prosecutable material depicting graphic sex acts, live sex shows, orgies, bestiality, and violence. Even material depicting the actual sexual abuse of a child child pornography —once only found on the black market—is instantly available and accessible on the Internet. Through the Internet, much of this aberrant material has entered the mainstream, directly impacting our children's healthy sexual development. There used to be restricted movie houses, order catalogues with brown paper that came in the mail, and all those types of things, where a youth had a difficult time, if not impossible time, accessing pornography. Now, through the Internet, if you have the Internet, you have pornography in your home. Pornography can be thought of as all sexually explicit material intended primarily to arouse the reader, viewer, or listener.

An Ethical Guide to Watching Porn Without Feeling Bad About Yourself

Internet Safety Pornography

Many of us know the feeling. Just moments after reaching orgasm, looking at the computer screen with a feeling of shock at what you were just looking at. Do you think your speed on the touchpad breaks the sound barrier? Most people watch porn, and 8 percent of Americans actually watch it every single day.

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