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It was a nice day and so I had decided to walk to and from work. I usually drove but the old guy next door had woken me up, mowing his lawn at a ridiculous time in the morning. When I was growing up in the 60's and 70's sex was something you whispered about and there was no talk about gay sex, or crossdressing. I just got done mowing my yard, sat and take a sip of cold refreshing water with Max, My 5-year-old golden retriever beside me. This is a print version of story The Old Widow next door by riko55 from xHamster.


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It was late summer and I was on a cross country trip on my motorcycle. I pull a camper with it so it makes it a lot less expensive to stop for the night. Campgrounds are usually good with showers, laundry facilities and a convenience store. I had ridden about miles when I decided I had enough and checked my GPS for the nearest campground. Fortunately for me there was one a few miles up the road.

The Old Widow next door

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Fantasy 1 All right I am back…YJ. First let get the background of the fantasy. My family is pretty wealth and my parents frequently not at home…so I was left alone at home all the time with maids…2 in fact.