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President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle on Tuesday broke their silence and denounced Hollywood movie maker Harvey Weinstein for his alleged sexual advancements on female coworkers. The statement came on the same day as former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton offered her response to the reports, which said she was "appalled. The New York Times dropped a bombshell report on Friday, saying Weinstein had practiced predatory behavior on female actresses or subordinates, demanding sex or other improper services such as massages. The Obamas and Clinton have been beneficiaries of Weinstein for years, receiving millions of dollars in campaign funds from Weinstein or through fundraisers he helped organize. Michelle Obama praised Weinstein in at the White House as a "wonderful human being" and "a good friend," her daughter Malia was also given an internship opportunity at Weinstein's company in New York. The comments from the Obamas and Clinton came after they came under increasing pressure to respond to the Weinstein allegations due to their public relationship, but neither of them have offered to give back political donations from Weinstein, as some Democrats in office have done.

Inside Barack’s sex-filled relationships before Michelle

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By Larry Getlen. May 7, am Updated May 8, am. Throughout the late s, Barack Obama dated a half-Dutch, half-Japanese woman two years his junior named Sheila Jager. During a weekend away, his friends caught a glimpse of how passionate a person young Obama could be — and how that passion could get out of hand.

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David Garrow. Until then, says Garrow, the Obamas lived in a very small apartment in Chicago, had just paid off their university loans and were living a very modest middle class life. He always talked about immigrants collecting bottles and cans from the garbage, and during the presidency he would mention how being in the White House you get increasingly out of touch with real life. Genevieve Cook also told Garrow that cocaine use was a key part of their relationship at the time, although Obama was much more moderate in his use than she and her friends.
Please refresh the page and retry. But the memory of the previous Democratic president of the United States still lingered. Not so for Beck short for Rebecca Dorey-Stein, who harboured little affection for the US capital, and no desire to work in its main industry. And yet in , at 25 years old, she found herself at the beating heart of American politics, working for President Barack Obama. As one of six stenographers — tasked with recording and typing up his speeches, statements and official briefings, for both the press pool and the presidential archives — Dorey-Stein travelled the world with Obama.