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A former Marine and an active-duty Marine came forward Wednesday to say photographs taken of them were secretly posted online without their consent along with nude photos of other servicewomen that have led to threatening replies and a military investigation. Former Marine Erika Butner, whose image was posted without consent to a secret Facebook page, said that the excuse that "boys will be boys" must stop. Butner, 23, served in the U. Marine Corps for four years until June

Inside the Nude Photo Scandal That Rocked The Marine Corps

The Nude Picture Scandal - The Big Picture

We've compiled a comprehensive list of all those involved in The Fappening, the nude picture scandal which has shocked the world. In August of this year, up to intimate images of various celebrities, mostly women, were posed on image sharing site 4chan. The mass breach of privacy, now known as The Fappening, has involved some of the biggest celebrities around, most notably Jennifer Lawrence. As more and more famous faces continue to be implicated, we take a look at all those involved so far. A spokesperson for Jennifer confirmed their authenticity but the she is yet to speak publicly about it.

US military nude photo sharing scandal widens beyond Marines

It was a little past ten o'clock, and the weather outside was clear and gusty, typical of winters among the sand pines of coastal North Carolina. The woman—call her Judy—was checking into a new unit. She'd come to CIF to collect her standard issue of combat equipment.
Excoriate Perez Hilton, come down on 4chan, but what I want to know is why these celebrities have nude photos on their phones to begin with? No, let me restate that. Is it any wonder the public is interested in nude photos of celebrities? No, you won the gene derby, you worked on your craft and you made it.