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All single, hair-pin shaped filaments used in SRS gauges are spring tensioned to eliminate filament sag. This allows the user to mount the gauge in any orientation. Dual-filament assemblies provide security against filament burnout. Once you have selected a gauge, choose the appropriate cable using the pin connector diagram below. Glass Tubulated Nude.

Nude Ion Gauges

Nude Ionization Gauge Tubes & Replacement Filaments | Fil-Tech

Choose products to compare anywhere you see 'Add to Compare' or 'Compare' options displayed. Negative electrons are emitted at a well-controlled, selectable rate from a heated filament and are accelerated toward a positively charged wire grid anode. Electrons pass into the space between the grid and a collector wire at ground. In this space the electrons collide with gas molecules from the vacuum system, producing positive ions. The positive ions are then collected by the grounded collector wire that is located along the axis of the cylindrical grid. At a constant filament to grid voltage and electron emission current, the rate that positive ions are formed is directly proportional to the density of molecules pressure in the space for pressures below 1 x 10 -3 Torr. The strength of the ion current is then indicated on a microammeter that is calibrated in units of pressure.

274 Nude Bayard-Alpert Type Ionization Vacuum Pressure Sensors

It is a triode , with the filament being the cathode. Note: Principles are mostly the same for hot-cathode ion sources in particle accelerators to create electrons. Most of the electrons pass through the grid and collide with gas molecules in the enclosed volume, causing a fraction of them to be ionized. This ion current differs for different gases at the same pressure; that is, a hot-filament ionization gauge is composition-dependent.
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