My girlfriend wants me to finger her

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I'm 15 and a sophomore and I still think that I am too young for that. It may feel amazing, but if you do it then she may want you to go further. It's opening doors that you may not want to enter. If I were you, tell her no. A girl doesn't get off just by you shoving your fingers inside her. All you do is put your hands down into her panties and move your fingers in and out of her vagina while also stimulating the clitoris.

my girlfriend wants me to finger her, but im not sure exactly how i should or if i should.?

My GF wants me to finger her but I have no clue what to do! - relationship advice

Oh and I mean, it hurt to try due to virginity. However, you have to do it a bit to start getting the better feelings, so if it feels good for her - yea, she's already messed around down there. Sexual Health. This might be a stupid question but if I do break her hymen I want it to be during actual sex. Can I finger her good enough if I just use clit stimulation?

My girlfriend wants me to finger her but she is a virgin. I will end up breaking her hymen right?

I think maybe this is moving a little fast. You could tell her you respect her too much to do that this early in the relationship. But I say don't do it. It is something that should come later in your relationship.
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