Man having sex with hores

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Nicolas Sardo, of Florida, is accused of having sex with the animal, called Jackie G, on multiple occasions. A year-old man arrested for allegedly having sex with a miniature horse reportedly said he used a condom because he "didn't want to get a disease". Another woman also contacted the sheriff's office saying she, too, caught Sardo in the act and confronted him about it. When questioned by the authorities, Sardo reportedly admitted to having sex with the small horse four times in one week. The sheriff's office reported that Sardo admitted that what he did was wrong and that he was a 'sick man. Old photos posted on a Facebook of a relative associated with the horse farm where Jackie G lives show Sardo as a teenager dressed in his martial arts uniform and in Army fatigues.

Enumclaw horse sex case

Man caught on video having sex with horse

A SICKO who admitted having sex with a horse and a foal has avoided punishment - but only because his state doesn't have anti-bestiality laws. The creep, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was caught on camera molesting the animals in Sweetwater County, Wyoming, last month. But the sheriff's office have admitted the lack of bestiality law has forced prosecutors into a corner. KUTV reported that there had been rumours bestiality - sexual intercourse between a person and animal - had been occurring in Sweetwater County for weeks.

Man who 'had sex with miniature horse wore condom because he feared getting STI'

The film was one of the winners at the festival and was presented at the Cannes Film Festival the same year. This video became a viral sensation. Initially, the video had been recorded for distributions for other zoophiles, but now the world has it. On a list of things not to become famous for, we now have the story of Mr. By day Mr.
Christopher Sweatman, 37, of Wigan, had already pleaded guilty to having a film showing a person having intercourse with a dog, horse, snake and donkey, when he appeared before a judge for sentencing. The court heard police stopped Sweatman riding a motorbike in Norley. Another phone and a food mixer with white powder later proved to be cocaine in it was found at the house. The mobiles were examined and experts found 67 files containing extreme porn files of still and video images. In interview, Sweatman said the images had been sent to him on WhatsApp by a friend.