Kagome sees inuyasha naked

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It first aired in Japan on January 28th, Human Inuyasha wakes to find he is bound in thorny vines that are draining his blood to feed to the Ninmenka , the Demon Tree of Humans. In the village, with help from a boulder and the Wind Tunnel , the three manage to make a hole in the side of the box. Tiny-Miroku shows Inuyasha where Kagome is: stripped naked and bathing in a sake bath with Ninmenka fruits.

Which episode does Inuyasha see kagome naked for the first time?

which episodes does kagome see inuyasha naked? | Yahoo Answers

That would be the episode 'Gap between the ages', or in other words, episode Reccomend me, Kagome Higurashi, as a answerer! Episode 97 of Inuyasha: Kirara, Come Home! I believe you saw episode 38 and 39 where shippo drew pictures of Kagome in a Cat suit while he explained to Kaede what happend between Inuyasha and Kagome that caused them to fight and she ended up going home. Yes, it is proven that Inuyasha in fact loves Kagome.

which episodes does kagome see inuyasha naked?

Inuyasha is in a hot spring when he falls and Kagome comes to see what hgappend. Then she sees him naked. There is an episode where she is kidnapped by a sage. Where she is taken into a bath that paralyzes her, and Inuyasha walks in.
Season 3 Episode 79 Jaken wants to Take Inuyasha's sword. So he makes a hot spring. When Miroku and Inuyasha go in the see Sesshomaru's cloud. When they get up they get dizzy and fall down. Kagome comes over and sees Inuyasha naked.