Jennifer aniston friends nipples

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Today, we wrote an article explaining why human nipples have the tendency to go hard. Naturally, this lead to someone bringing up Jennifer Aniston's nipples on Friends, which I only discovered were a 'thing'. I'd caught on to them over the years, but I never made a compilation and put it on YouTube, you know what I mean? I just put it down to a cold studio atmosphere.

Finally: A Friends Fan Discovers Why We Could Always See Rachel’s Nipples

Jennifer Aniston finally explains why her nipples kept popping up on Friends

We all know and love the popular sitcom F. S and could never say no to sitting down with some buddies, ordering a pizza, and binge watching reruns all night. Rachel's claimed nipple gate is apparent in every season, was this the producers doing, or did Jen produce the bra-less outfits herself, we wonder. Rachel showed young girls that they shouldn't be afraid to wear what they like. Who says we should conceal our nipples? Not Rachel, obviously! Rachel Green is the OG of freethenipple pic.

Jennifer Aniston finally explains why her nipples kept popping up on Friends

Everybody loves Friends and there's no denying that Jennifer Aniston's character Rachel Green was an absolute boss. Incredible hair, amazing fashion and a transformation from rich daddy's girl to high-flying fashion buyer. If only she ditched that whiny Ross on the season finale and jetted out to Paris But there's one thing that's left fans puzzled about Rachel over the years and that's why her nipples made so many appearances.
Always has been, and always will. Anything else is Gen 2, Gen 2 remake or fanart. They started similarly, but almost immediately went their own ways, and the characters from one are NOT the characters from the other. Satoshi is NOT Ash, Ruby is NOT Brendan, the other characters are very different between the manga and the anime.