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For Businesses. Write a Review. See all. My son needed some books for his English class so I thought I would give it a try. Little Tokyo.

A peep at video parlors

A peep at video parlors | The Japan Times

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Man Busted For Having One Uncensored Adult DVD Gets Life in Prison

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TOKYO—A district judge sentenced Makoto Yaegashi to life in prison Wednesday for possessing an uncensored adult DVD, bringing to an end the dramatic legal saga that for the better part of a year has entranced the nation. For others, any conclusion at all to the trial, even one as disappointing as life in prison for the accused, was seen as a blessing. This is because the trial suffered nearly 35, interruptions over the course of twelve months as every lawyer in the country agreed to defend Yaegashi before invariably recusing themselves on ethical grounds once the sickening details of the case had been made clear. Meanwhile, many foreigners closely following the events of the trial have been left confused and wondering why something seemingly as trivial as pornographic censorship is such a hot button item in Japan. Yuya Togo.