Italian music video fake english

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Native speakers of English may find that the guttural r in French takes them by surprise or they may be struck by the tonal nature of Chinese. Trying to imitate foreign languages has long been a form of cheap entertainment — and one that can land you in hot water if you make generalizations that turn into mocking and insensitive stereotypes. So arose the phenomenon of fake English. Language enthusiasts, teachers, and pranksters around the world have for years tried to capture how English falls upon their ears from their non-English perspectives.

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This Pop Song is What English Sounds Like to Italians | Mental Floss

It was released as a single in , and a popular [ citation needed ] performance of the song was broadcast on RAI. The song is intended to sound to its Italian audience as if it is sung in English spoken with an American accent , vaguely reminiscent of Bob Dylan ; however, the lyrics are deliberately unintelligible gibberish with the exception of the words "all right". So at a certain point, because I like American slang—which, for a singer, is much easier to sing than Italian—I thought that I would write a song which would only have as its theme the inability to communicate. And to do this, I had to write a song where the lyrics didn't mean anything. In this case, Celentano exemplifies the linguistic concept of glossolalia. This is the phenomenon where someone uses a foreign language which they normally cannot speak. He uses sounds borrowed from American English, which form no words at all, and therefore have no discernible meaning.

This Pop Song is What English Sounds Like to Italians

And not knowing english is something bulgarians like to laugh at - she became a country wide sensation, shown in probably every comedy show and even the news, as well as earned herself multiple covers on youtube. Considering the rich tradition of Bulgarian vocal music, this is hilarious. I've been fan of Bulgarian choral music since I heard the state choir 25 years ago. Mediterraneo10 on Jan 27,
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