Incredible hulk sex

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But it gets worse. Here are 10 superheroes who are physically unable to have sex. This one is somewhat dependent on circumstances. Bruce pulls away from Betty just in time to keep from becoming the Hulk.


Hulkbusters: 15 People Who SMASHED Uglies With A Hulk | CBR

To make love to a hulk is to make love to impossibility, to look upon gamma gods and goddesses synonymous with destruction, able to hold anti-matter in hands made of matter and punch foes so hard they hit the Moon, and still think "Yeah, I want to put my genitals near that. As Friedrich Nietzsche once said, "There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness. When She-Hulk became an Agent of S.

Sex With the Hulk

Top definition. A common utterance attributed to the Marvel Comics shapechanger Bruce Banner a. Generally see: always heard when Banner is angered and has transformed into the aforementioned destructive green giant.
The movie switches back and forth between live action and ultra-violent video game action. Sadly, the filmmakers attempt a shot at humor during an interrupted sex scene. The movie contains intense violence, foul language, and a rogue American general is seen as one of the bad guys. The story is somewhat predictable, but entertaining. At the heart of the movie, however, is a love story between the male lead and his girlfriend, who tries to help him control the monster within himself.