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Dipper laid back down across his mattress, staring up at the wooden rafters. He watched the lazy light from the window as it illuminated the room. The light bounced off of the dust particles in the air, casting a warm glow. It was a late Saturday morning, and Dipper was resting alone in the attic. Mabel had made it her goal to binge watch all three of the movies over the course of the summer, and she had taken up today to do it.

Monster Falls Chapter 1: The beginning, a gravity falls fanfic | FanFiction

Well, this is awful, but you can read anyway. I was thinking over parts of ideas and settled on mixing two together. I've always liked Monster Falls. This is an awful attempt at writing it, partially because writing the characters is hard on its own, so I set it a year later, also other things can be attributed to the other ideas, but whatever. I doubt Ford or Stan will be in the first couple chapters. Random Disclaimer that everyone should figure out on their own instantly: The ideas behind Gravity Falls do not belong to me. I believe Fey are public domain, as that is the only new character included deal with your lives.

Essentially, when Bill fails the apocalypse and is dying, he makes one last desperate attempt to survive by trying to posses Dipper without his permission. Because of his human origin, Dipper is the only demon capable of becoming physical without a rift, although it takes a while for him to figure out how. Pretty much the entire world becomes as magical as Gravity Falls and even more dangerous. Dipper becomes known as the demon Alcor and Mabel is his partner in cult bashing partner Mizar.
Dipper awoke with a fright. He was covered in goosebumps. What was Bill planning? Whatever it is, it's going to be big.