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Girls play sports less than boys do, so they miss out on the immense benefits kids get from playing sports — even though girls may need them most. Research shows that girls are less likely to participate in sports than boys, and, if they do play, they are more likely to drop out. But girls may need these benefits most. Two-thirds of Australian teenage girls said playing sports makes them feel more confident. Research suggests the reasons include a lack of fun, cost barriers and cultural messages that tell girls in subtle and not-so-subtle ways that sports are for boys.

Sports Benefit Girls In Many Ways

Do You Know the Factors Influencing Girls’ Participation in Sports? - Women's Sports Foundation

From a sporting standpoint, the thing I enjoy most about coaching girls is the fact that they listen. They listen because they want to get it right. Getting it right is important because they want to be socially accepted, and in their early years of participation, social acceptance is their number one reason for getting involved in a sport. I have observed this for the past 20 years. And you know what? This is precisely what the research says. The program quoted a lot of research as to why girls play sports, what makes them stay, and why they quit.

Research Report: Changing the Game for Girls – Getting Girls Active

Playing a sport is highly beneficial for girls as they will learn new skill sets, get plenty of exercise, and experience social connectedness when making friends. While most sports require team participation, they all differ in pace and activity level. In order to help our young female youth of America decide what sports are right for them, it is best to learn which sports they are most interested in and what equipment is necessary for them to participate. Soccer is great for those who would like to build up lower body strength and are interested in working in a team. In the game of soccer one will need cleats, shin guards, and a soccer ball.
Secondary school student. Changing the Game for Girls: In Action set out to better understand the low levels of physical activity among young girls in the UK, and to uncover new ideas to help more girls get, and stay, active. Executive Summary Girls aged years old exercise less regularly and for less time than boys.