Girl toes orgasms

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Is it just a saying, or are your feet really in on the action? You know when you're at the height of climax and your whole body kind seizes up? Every single nerve in your body seems to be electrified and engaged in the experience. Even if you haven't had an orgasm like this, you've probably heard of them through friends, novels, movies, or at least Sex and the City. The term "toe-curling orgasm" is colloquially used to describe sex that was so good, an orgasm so intense, that your toes curled due to a full-body pleasure experience.

Feet Week: Is it actually possible to have a footgasm?

The Curious Case Of A Woman Who Orgasms From Her Feet | HuffPost Life

Hey, cutie. Just wanted to let you know that this story originally ran in our May issue , so if you like what you see, you should probably snag a hard copy ASAP. I never thought one would happen to me, especially because feet, including my own, have always grossed me out. In , I was 29 years old and spending a month in Bali to surf and earn my yoga-teacher certification.

Umm, I Got a Foot Massage and Accidentally Orgasmed

But where some saw liberation, others saw just another exercise in humiliation. The sex was often better, but the intimacy still seemed lacking. Despite platoons of men entering therapy, few seemed able to offer more than steely technique or self-involved psychodrama in bed. He makes house calls.
Ever had an orgasm that originated in one of your feet? Probably not. But if you have, you're not alone -- and there's a team of Dutch researchers who'd like to hear from you. First, a little background: In , a year-old woman living in The Netherlands who identifies as "Mrs.