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You can read our talking points from the latest episode here. Tommy Shelby and his wife Lizzie were involved in a racy sex scene in the episodes but fans reckon they spotted a gaffe. Eagle-eyed viewers think Tommy Cillian Murphy was wearing Calvin Klien briefs, which certainly weren't around in the s! Viewers were also shocked by some of the violent scenes in the latest instalment of the show as Arthur violently murdered a Quaker and Aberama Gold exacted revenge on the Billy Boys. See more articles by James Cox.

Peaky Blinders fans spot gaffe in episode three sex scene

Peaky Blinders fans spot major gaffe during raunchy Cillian Murphy scene

Official episode discussions do not require spoiler code to be used except when discussing future episodes such as next week's promo. Unless a thread indicates otherwise such as by saying Series 1 Discussion in the title , you can comment in any thread without using spoiler tags for plot points up to the latest officially aired episode. The sex scenes in the show self. Was having a discussion with a friend who thinks that the sex scenes in this show are cheap and unnecessary. What do you all think?

Peaky Blinders fans spot major gaffe during raunchy Cillian Murphy scene

Peaky Blinders is a series on its fifth season, just wrapping up this September. This week we bring the sexiest scenes from the show, highlighting the hottest stars and their most daring scenes. This first one is a hot scene between Cillian Murphy and Annabelle Wallis, which capitalizes on their intimacy over a cool piano track. The steamy scene portrays the lead and his love interest in a tightly locked embrace.
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