Cheerleader nude scandal

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AP — Kentucky has fired its cheerleading coaches after an internal investigation determined they failed to oversee off-campus events that included hazing , alcohol use and public nudity by the championship squad. The school announced Monday that head coach Jomo Thompson and assistants Ben Head, Spencer Clan and Kelsey LaCroix were fired from the program, which has won 24 national titles the past 35 years. Williamson retired days after learning of the investigation and being told to have no contact with the squad. Kentucky has fired its entire cheerleading coaching staff following a 3-month investigation into hazing. Some of the details found during the investigation are pretty wild.

Team owner embroiled in nude cheerleader video scandal

Washington Cheerleaders 'Pimped Out' and Naked Photo Shoots: Haven't We Been Here Before?

In all, 42 total women are alleging that they were sexually harassed by other employees or executives while working for Washington. These new allegations involve an inappropriate proposition from team owner Dan Snyder, illicit video outtakes from a calendar shoot allegedly edited together for Snyder and other executives, and multiple instances of sexual harassment in the workplace that were grievously mishandled by the team. Those outtakes featured the cheerleaders adjusting their bathing suits and revealing their breasts and genitals as they changed positions and moved props for the shoot. Michael, who resigned after the first wave of allegations surfaced, was essentially asking for an uncensored video of team cheerleaders for his personal use. The other two people Michael allegedly asked to help with this project denied that it ever happened, as did Michael himself.

What you need to know about Kentucky's cheerleading hazing investigation

Today, May 18, , the university fired its entire cheerleading staff saying they permitted "inappropriate conduct" of the cheerleaders including use of alcohol, public nudity and hazing. The university, in a statement on its website, said it also found that T. The Office of Internal Audit is reviewing these and other financial practices of the cheerleading squad. Athletics Director Mitch Barnhart has directed the executive associate athletics director to lead the cheerleading program and conduct a search for a new coach, according to the university. The university said its cheerleading program has won 24 national championships in the past 35 years.
By Mollie Walker. University lawyer T. Lynn Wlliamson — who served for four decades as an administrative advisor to the cheerleading team, according to Kentucky. Students reportedly brought alcohol to the retreat and coaches neglected to confiscate it, while also allowing team alumni to bring boats and alcohol to the same retreat.