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Just over a quarter of Brits have sex every week — but age makes a big difference. New YouGov tracker data reveals exactly how often Brits get frisky. Sadly, the picture starts to change by the late 30s. Increasing numbers of people give up sex completely as they get older.

This is how long Brits wait to have sex with a new partner

British people 'having less sex' than previously - BBC News

There is a decline in how often couples are having sex and it may be because of the sheer pace of modern life. That is according to a large national survey which also found people over the age of 25 and those who are married or living with a partner are having less sex than in the past — while the proportion wanting more sex is rising. Researchers from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine analysed data for more than 34, men and women aged 16 to 44 who completed the survey in , and The survey found a general decline in sexual activity in Britain between and , with the steepest declines among the overs and those who were married or living together. Overall, the proportion reporting no sex in the past month fell between the first and second surveys from The proportion reporting sex 10 times or more in the past month increased between the first two surveys from Writing in the British Medical Journal BMJ , the authors said the data show that sexual frequency fell in Britain between and

This is how often British people are actually having sex

The study into 'relationship firsts' which questioned 1, Brits claims it only takes four dates before people are jumping into bed together. Bearing in mind couples asked were going on an average of two dates a week, that's not that long at all. It only took two dates before couples were sharing a first kiss. It's six months before couples are booking their first holiday together and 30 weeks before they're moving in with each other. You know if you trust him and if you want to do something as intimate as having sex.
A new survey by YouGov asked 2, Brits how often they have sex every week. The survey, by YouGov , asked 2, Brits how often they have sex every week, and the results might surprise you. At the other end of the scale, about three in ten Brits said they were sexually inactive, while a similar proportion are having sex, but not every week.