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Over the weekend, a soccer team in South Korea opted to fill seats with something a little more lifelike — to its deep embarrassment. The club FC Seoul apologized on Monday after what it believed were ordinary mannequins — quickly recognized by many fans as sex dolls — were placed in the stands for a match against Gwangju FC. Of the roughly two dozen dolls in the stands, nearly all were women. The incident was a blemish for the K League, the top professional soccer league in South Korea.

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This week, we're going take-by-take through the legendary C-Roll tape and sharing the debauchery with you, our loyal perverted readers. Yesterday we revealed sex in the SkyDome , and this evening we bring to you a scene from upper deck of the Oakland Coliseum. Using Ken Wilson's end-of-game call—it starts at the mark, just after everyone in the broadcast booth is done snickering in disbelief—to guide us, we pulled up season results from A's seasons in the late '90s, and found the game. On May 16, May, so far, has proven to be a popular time for sex at televised sporting events the White Sox beat the A's in Oakland, It was Chicago's fifth straight win over the A's, and as Wilson tells us, Roberto Hernandez got the save. Frank Thomas had the only officially-recorded home run that evening. We dug up an old Chicago Tribune story on Nexis to confirm:.

Yes, Those Were Sex Dolls Cheering On a South Korean Soccer Team

Because you probably are — and that goes double for your girlfriend. Every sports fan knows what it is like to get a little carried away. Some have the tendency to unleash a flurry of expletives when the ref makes a bad call. Others have the tendency to run onto the field or go swimming in places where swimming is not allowed. And others still like to get wasted and engage in fisticuffs.
They were wearing masks and practicing proper social distancing, even though there was no way any of them could be infected with the novel coronavirus. Coronavirus is retiring the handshake. The coronavirus outbreak has athletes and medical experts from all over the world wondering how good sportsmanship can be embraced without shaking hands. Representatives from FC Seoul have said the team thought it was using about 25 regular mannequins to fill the void in the stands during its game Sunday against Gwangju. The league determined that the team had plenty of opportunities to notice the true nature of the dolls between the noon placement in the seats and 7 p.