American dad stan turns into a woman

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See the gallery. Title: Stan Goes on the Pill 30 Mar A new CIA drug designed to help Stan pretend to listen to Francine has a disastrous side effect, and Roger and Klaus take advantage of the situation to start their new business. Stan and Francine having marital problems is nothing new, but this is an off-the-wall take on it. In order to become a better listener, Stan takes a pill from the CIA labs; naturally, he doesn't pay attention to the dosage, ODs, and turns into a full-blown woman. This offers plenty in the way of Bullock one-liners what with the Deputy Director badly wanting to "hit that" , not to mention your usual misogynistic guy humor.

Stan Goes On the Pill

American Dad: “Stan Goes On The Pill”

Stan and Francine having marital troubles is a wearyingly derivative episode premise at this point. Francine calling his bluff and actually phoning an ambulance is the only funny part of this weary plot. He only wants to scrape enough niceness change together in order to get one sex out of the Francine machine. But then the episode veers from the rote marital issues plot into riskier comedic territory by turning Stan into a woman, courtesy of a new pill developed by the CIA to make male agents capable of retaining information told to them by female sources in the field. And sure enough, all that listening turns Francine on, but Stan took the wrong dosage because none of the CIA men listened to the female scientist providing the necessary warning and his body morphs to female.

Stan Goes on the Pill

When Stan is ready for sex, he has trouble paying attention to Francine while she's talking and she cuts him off by sending him to the hospital when he refuses to answer her quiz about what she talked about and fakes appendix pains. He mentions his problems to Deputy Director Bullock who gives him a pill the CIA developed in order for their male agents to listen to female agents. After taking the pill that night, Stan is able to listen and pay attention to Francine's story, but as he stops to use the bathroom, Bullock calls to warn him not to take the pill. The message comes too late as Stan finds himself transformed into a woman. When he confronts Francine with his new look, she finds out about the pill which came with a warning to only take half a dose.
He is voiced by the series' co-creator and executive producer, Seth MacFarlane. Stan is the patriarch of the Smith family. As the family's breadwinner , he works for the Central Intelligence Agency. Although he once held the position of a case officer at the CIA, he is now a weapons expert for the agency.