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Upon arriving at the address, Tan opened the locked grille gate and door with keys taken from his pocket before entering the unit with Lee and the police. In the 10pm raid, Sharveen confiscated nine items from the "messy" residence: one Samsung laptop, one black Khattarwong pen drive, one white Toshiba pen drive, one UMobile broadband unit, one Panasonic camera, one Canon camera unit, one electric bill, one UMobile bill, and one Lenovo laptop. According to investigations by other witnesses, Tan was the only one to have two mobile numbers and a broadband line registered with UMobile. However, Lee's defence counsel Chong Joo Tian, pointed out a discrepancy in the search warrant during Sharveen's cross-examination, which showed the jotted time to be 10 "hours" instead of 10pm as testified. Sharveen disagreed, to which Chong pressed: "Do you agree that it contradicts what you said, that the raid was done at 10pm?

Alvin Tan uploaded controversial picture for fun, says ex-girlfriend Vivian Lee

Sex blogger: Life without Alvin ‘more peaceful’, says Vivian | The Star

Indeed, Lim has been trying to patch things up, despite what she considers childish behaviour from Tan, including posting a picture of the man she cheated with. Of her love for him, she said: "I'm not sexually exclusive to Alvin, but I'm emotionally exclusive to him. The brash, fast-talking Tan was usually the voice of Alvivi. But Lee shot down talk that Tan had been manipulating and making use of her.

​Catching Up with Malaysia’s Renegade Sex Bloggers

As a couple, you've got to have a bit of notoriety to earn yourself a portmanteau. While they might not be a Kimye or Brangelina quite yet, the Malaysian sex bloggers known as Alvivi — Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee — certainly caused enough of a hot and sweaty scandal in their hot and sweaty homeland for Tan to consider it prudent to jump bail and flee the country. In her erstwhile lover's absence, Lee awaits trial under Malaysia's notorious Sedition Act , a sort of catch-all device to induce compliant, self-censoring passivity.
He has been criticised for posting sex videos of himself and his girlfriend on his personal blog while poking fun at Malaysia's largest religion through Facebook. However to the rest, he is the real deal when it comes to the freedom of self-expression without living in fear of repercussions. Basically I arrived in the US in and it's been almost 5 years.