What is hot sex

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From the newest positions to the kinkiest toys, here's everything you need for a hotter sex life. There's a tiger inside her. And a clown too. With a little coaxing, she may play along—and the fantasies will last all year. United States. Type keyword s to search.

The Habit That Will Make Your Sex Life Hotter

13 Ways To Have Seriously Hot Sex In Bed - SHE'SAID'

When Jada Pinkett Smith said recently that she keeps things hot with husband Will Smith by being spontaneous — sexting, sending naughty photos, and having quickies — we rolled our eyes. Could they be any more TMI?! But we had to admit the woman must be onto something. After all, she and Big Willie have been married 12 years and are apparently still going at it like newbies. It usually happens after two or three years, but can start as early as a few months in, according to her.

What's the secret of hot sex? Science weighs in

We know that there are tons of things that get a man going in bed, but there are also those little things you do that burn a sexy hole into his memory forever. We reached out to Men's Health readers and other real guys to tell us all the things women do in bed that drives them absolutely bonkers. Check out their responses below, and think of it as some helpful inspiration in case you're feeling less-than-creative lately. Bonus: They're all things that will make you feel sexy as hell, too.
CBS Looking for a way to amp up your sex life? You can ditch the oysters and sexy lingerie. A new study suggests that the key to hot sex is plain-old empathy. Researchers from the university studied the psychological profiles of over 3, heterosexual men and women 18 to 26 years of age, all of whom had been in a relationship of three months or longer.