The candyman travers beynon

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Known for his extravagant lifestyle and wild parties, the Candyman has a flamboyant style and the capacity to push boundaries. Beautiful women, designer clothing and exotic cars do not define him. Hard working, tenacious, driven beyond the norm in every aspect of his life, a true perfectionist. Some say the 3-piece suit-wearing party animal has a split personality.

Who is The Candyman?

Here's what Travers Beynon was like before he became the 'Candyman' - VT

Some people would give a left or right arm to live in a mansion full of beautiful women with the world's craziest parties at their fingertips. But for Travers Beynon, this is the 'norm', in fact he makes it sound like it's absolutely nothing. That's not to say he doesn't appreciate his lifestyle but surely the flamboyant Australian tycoon has his work cut out. He juggles his devoted wife with numerous girlfriends. In fact, he doesn't juggle them at all - he sleeps with them all together, every night and says that's the 'easy part'. We'd never have guessed.

Travers 'Candyman' Beynon On His 'Strict Rules' When It Comes To Girlfriends

The Queensland businessman opened up applications for a new woman to join his harem of beautiful mistresses who are often seen by his side bikini-clad. In an advertisement posted on his website the year-old says he is seeking a ' per cent confidential' relationship with a woman who is 'totally loyal' and willing to live in his palatial Helensvale property full time. Tobacco tycoon Travers 'The Candyman' Beynon is on the hunt for a 'bubbly' and 'adventurous' new girlfriend to move into his Gold Coast Candyshop Mansion. Drama is not welcome at anytime.
A short while back, the news was awash with stories about Travers Beynon - otherwise known as the "Candyman". The year-old Australian shot to fame as the 21st century's answer to Hugh Hefner when his wild parties at the so-called Candy Shop Mansion took over social media, and rumours about his polyamorous lifestyle spread like wildfire. But Beynon wasn't always such a hardcore party guy - and he's more than just a playboy, too. In fact, he's actually a fairly well-known businessman, and - unlike the Hef - he built his empire on something other than semi-nude women though, in recent years, his parties have arguably become a huge part of his brand.