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How we are raised, the cultures we grow up in and where we are from impacts so many aspects of our lives. How we parent is a major one. Unless that is, you remove yourself from that culture. You move away. There is no better way to question your own parenting systems and choices than to move to a foreign country. As American parents of teens and tweens currently living in Denmark, we have been faced with many situations that have forced us to think outside of our perceived parental toolbox.

Parenting Teens in Denmark – 5 things that were outside of my box

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Be a Host Family. Who Are Our Hosts? Who Are Our Students? How to Apply. Host Family Preferences. Contact Us. It is located to the north of Germany and to the west of Sweden.

Youth in Denmark

Starting at age 16, Danes can buy beer and wine around the clock from any convenience store. This combination of access and a heavy-drinking social culture made Denmark teens the booziest in Europe, in a recent World Health Organization survey. For lack of a more polite expression, they get shitfaced. The Red Cross sets up a tent where they perform first aid for the hopelessly inebriated, the police simply watch events unfold, and many of the kids told VICE News that their parents helped them buy drinks and dropped them off.
My husband and I are traveling with our 16 and 14 year old boys for two weeks in Scandinavia during the first two weeks in June. They are great travelers so long as there is plenty of food, frivolity and engaging activity think smart, fun loving soccer players and snow boarders. We land in Copenhagen on a Tuesday and will be there til either Friday or Saturday when we head for Stockholm. Given their age and bright and active nature, I could use your advice on these activities that I'm considering:.