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Little Magen's Beach Nude beach. Find on Google Maps. Magen's Bay is a deep bay that cuts into the central part of the northern coast of St. Thomas, and Magen's Bay Beach is a long, beautiful and very popular beach at the top of the bay. This white sandy beach stretches one kilometer and frequently appears on lists of the best beaches in the world.

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Magen's Bay, St. Thomas - A Top 10 Beach Destination

From what I remembered I have heard that only the locals know how to get to them. It is against the law to be walking around town in your swimwear. You have to be covered up. I did see ONE girl on a beach in a thing swimsuit

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Little Magens is actually part of Magens Bay. On the right along the Peterborg Peninsula, which frames Magens Bay, are a few little sandy coves, the largest is called Little Magens. There is no parking and no road. To access the little beach you must start at Magens Bay.
But I figure I would take a step forward and review the best beaches on the islands, so anybody coming down for a trip will know exactly where to go upon arrival. In addition to the well-known beaches, I am extremely excited to hunt down and locate the extremely secluded beaches for you. As I have now been here in St Thomas for 5 months building up the site with some information on my previous travels, I am now going to be moving towards writing about the local scene. I will be showcasing more and more of the Virgin Islands over the next few months, and reviewing the lifestyle and culture of the locals.