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Watch the trailer. Neither Elaine or Jerry have had sex for awhile and they begin to speculate on how they could become sexual partners again but still remain friends no matter what happens. They agree on a set of rules that they think will keep their friendship intact but it soon becomes apparent that it isn't going to work very well. Jerry also begins to obsess over what to get her for her birthday eventually settling on something inappropriate. Kramer however seems to hit just the right notes as far as gift-giving goes.

‘Seinfeld’: There’s a Simple Explanation Why Jerry and Elaine Don’t End Up Together

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The first episode established some of its strengths as an ensemble piece, featuring Jason Alexander as George and Michael Richards as Kramer then Kessler alongside Seinfeld. Seinfeld as we know it now was made by Elaine. Back in , women like her were not on TV. I mean, who has the energy anymore?

The Abstinence

Watch the trailer. Title: The Abstinence 21 Nov When George's new girlfriend gets mononucleosis, he's told there'll be no sex for at least six weeks. Frustrated, he begins to realize he has interests in science and history. Jerry says the lack of sex has made him smarter as he's now concentrating on his brain.
It was written by Larry David and Lawrence H. Levy; this episode was directed by Tom Cherones. Its original airdate was September 16, At the diner , Jerry helps George realize that he is in love with his new girlfriend Karen. George comments that everything is going well with the small exception that he can't pleasure her "below the equator".