Precum on finger pregnant

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Hey, Me and my girlfriend were messing around last night and she was giving me a hj. Is there a chance that she could be pregnant from this? The last time i ejaculated was the night before, and i've urinated around times total in those two days and i was hoping that would've killed off any sperm and my precum could be harmless? Please help, im really worried. Oh and one of my friends said that his girlfriend was giving him a HJ and he ejaculated on his hand, then he fingered her, and she became pregnant? February

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There is usually about 5ml of liquid, but there may be more, especially if a man hasn't ejaculated for some time. Women can also ejaculate fluid, but this is far less common than for men. Orgasm is the peak or climax of sexual excitement. It usually involves pleasurable feelings and rhythmic contractions of the muscles in and around the genital area. For males, ejaculation usually happens at the same time as an orgasm. When a man ejaculates, the sperm rushes out along the tube in his penis and spurts out in 4 or 5 spasms. These spasms spread over all of his genitals and sometimes through the rest of his body.

Pregnant by precum on fingers

Sperm must come into contact with your vagina for pregnancy to be a possibility. Pregnancy is only possible when semen enters your vagina. One way this might happen is if your partner masturbates and then uses the same hand or hands to finger you.
Ask doctors free. Top answers from doctors based on your search:. Has there been any pregnancy case that was caused by pre ejaculate that was touched by finger? Jeff Livingston answered.