Pink flamingos chicken scene video

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The Nighthawks Chicken Grabber From The Pink Flamingos Soundtrack

The original 'Eggs' scene from Pink Flamingos : rupaulsdragrace

Even though Divine is clearly seen eating actual dog feces in the film, some viewers find it hard to believe that what they're seeing is real. John Waters goes into detail about shooting the scene in his book "Shock Value", where he reveals that they had a terrible time following the dog around and waiting for it to "go". By the time the moment of truth arrived, Waters was losing daylight and was terrified that Divine wouldn't be able to go through with it. By his own request, the "singing asshole"s name has remained secret. Presumably Waters knows who it is but he's not talking. Update: His name was David Gluck.


The BBFC agreed to grant Pink Flamingos an 18 certificate, but only on the condition that three minutes of footage were cut from five outrageous scenes. More like this: - The film the US is finally ready for - What makes a cult film? Harris Glenn Milstead, better known by the stage name Divine, stars as a woman who is also called Divine, a vision in a tight sparkly dress, with a back-combed coiffure, and iconic eye make-up that reaches all the way up her forehead. The Marbles make a living by abducting teenage girls, locking them in a basement, raping them, and then selling their babies to lesbian couples. Oh — they also peddle heroin to high school children.
Pink Flamingos is a American exploitation comedy film directed, written, produced, narrated, filmed, and edited by John Waters. While living in a trailer with Edie Edith Massey and Crackers Danny Mills —her mother and son respectively—and her companion Cotton Mary Vivian Pearce , Divine is confronted by the Marbles David Lochary and Mink Stole , a pair of criminals envious of her reputation who try to outdo her in filth. The characters engage in several grotesque, bizarre, and explicitly crude situations. The movie was filmed in and in the vicinity of Baltimore, Maryland ; Waters grew up in suburban Baltimore. Displaying the tagline "An exercise in poor taste ", Pink Flamingos is notorious for its "outrageousness", nudity , profanity , and "pursuit of frivolity , scatology , sensationology [ sic ] and skewed epistemology.