Nier automata 9s mia

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Join VIP to remove all ads and videos. Their black boxes are still online, so they are presumed alive. Investigate their last known location". Use the scanner to find them". Just watched a YouTube videos on finding the weapon.

Where TF is 9S?

MIA | Nier Automata Wiki

Here, you will be able to jump to any mission you are currently struggling with and learn detailed information about it. This guide will also give you a rundown of the events that happen in NieR: Automata's main story, as well as instructions on how to complete each mission along the way. NieR Automata's main story follows a narrative that becomes fully realized over three full playthroughs of the main game. You play as one of three different characters on each playthrough, with unique abilities and combat mechanics during the story. You play as three characters throughout all of NieR Automata's main story. These characters are 2B, 9S, and A2. Your first two playthroughs will be with 2B and 9S, which will be focused on similar events but from different perspectives, offering alternate scenes and plot details.


After the cutscene finishes from the previous mission, you'll find yourself in the Flooded City. Jump across the platform back to hte entrance of the area in order to trigger dialogue that reveals your next objective. You will need to go back to the City Ruins and back to the Resistance Camp, where you'll get a new Pod ability called Scanner. This will be needed to fulfill the objective at the Flooded City to find 9S. When you return back to the Flooded City, you'll need to scan for any android lifeforms within the area.
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