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Osira is a recurring antagonist in the Legend of Queen Opala universe. She is a powerful sorceress who uses dark magic that she obtained by forming a pact with the Serpent God. Despite being the oldest child of The Pharaoh, Osira was not chosen to rule Egypt. She is jealous of Opala and believes that her sister's rule has weakened the strength of the nation. The three scars that still mark her face to this day, remind her constantly of her defeat.

The Legend of Queen Opala Origin

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This suits her fine, despite her being 42 years old and the mother of three children. The father of her two human daughters was the late Egyptian pharaoh named Nasir, a brave and kindhearted warrior King. Farah fell in love with Nasir as a young woman during her career in belly dancing.
Opala is the title character of The Legend of Queen Opala series. She is extremely beautiful and therefore both admired and lusted after by her people. Opala is kind-hearted and gentle. Though still displaying the determination and dignity of a true leader, Opala prefers negotiation and peace over aggression and warfare.