Latinas with blonde hair

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When I step out of the shower, my stick-straight hair begins to dry almost immediately into a shapeless, shiny form. Navigating identity in a multicultural household can be complex, and that goes for the beauty standards you're supposed to live up to, too. When I was four my family moved back to the States from Uruguay to my mother's hometown of Kansas City. We lived in a predominantly white suburb that skirted farmlands and lacked any sort of diversity.

blonde latinas

I'm Latina and Always Envied My White Mom's Blonde Hair | InStyle

Summer is here with full force--ask anyone living in the heat wave zone and they'll tell you-and there's no better way to change up your hair than lightening your hair color. Lighter hair is the go-to for many women, especially in the warmer months, but it can be a delicate art for dark--haired Latinas. If you have dark hair and are worried about going light translation: blonde then fret not! There is a way dark haired gals can sport light, blonde hair without looking unnatural or just, simply put, off.

The best celebrity blonde hair color to try for every Latina’s skin tone

Guess who dyed her hair again--Demi Lovato, of course! The year-old recently showed off newly blonde, shoulder length tresses while receiving an award earlier this week for her work in supporting children that struggle with mental illness. This chick definitely loves to switch it up. My stylist suggested I go lighter and that's when I decided to finally dye my tresses dirty blond.
These 27 Latinas certainly seem to think so! Whether naturally blonde beauties, long-time dyers or simply lightening their locks for the summer, these ladies prove that Latinas look incredibly gorgeous no matter what their shade. If you're not too crazy about going fully blonde, try these brownish hues with lighter highlights.