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By Dino-Ray Ramos. After a night of three-way fun, we see Alice Leisha Hailey attempt to navigate this newly formed thruple she is in with her girlfriend Nat Stephanie Allynne and her ex-wife Gigi Sepideh Moafi — and it is more complicated than she had hoped. As Quiara sees this, she and Shane strengthen this refreshed relationship and they decide to move in together — which makes Shane kick Finley out. Sophie offers Finley a bed at her place which makes them even closer and puts more of a rift between her and Dani. There are a lot of plates spinning this season, but the biggest is Bette and her road to becoming mayor. After being called out on her affair with Felicity Latarsha Rose by her ex-husband Jeff Tyler Adams , her campaign is kind of a mess.

Getting To Know Jennifer Beals Of The L Word: Generation Q

‘The L Word: Generation Q’s Jennifer Beals Talks Sunday’s Surprise Guest Star – Deadline

She never backs down from what she believes. Even Bette knows she's a bit of an asshole, but many L Word fans—this writer included—wear their identification with her as a badge of honor. The polarity is so acute. She is both a very loving partner and maybe not the partner that you want. Kate [Moennig], Leisha [Hailey], and I are EPs on the new series, because we were all very active in getting the new show back.

Jennifer Beals chatted with THR about it. And Lauren Holloman chatted with The Advocate. She chatted with the Hollywood Reporter about it.
For six deliciously drama-filled, Sapphic, sex-soaked seasons, The L Word immersed audiences in a lesbian community never before seen on television. That didn't happen. Says Beals: "I want Generation Q to continue L Word 's legacy of representation, inclusivity, and reminding people that the 'L' doesn't just stand for lesbian but for love, too. It begins 10 years after the last show, and I want to deep-dive into conversations about sexuality and gender identity.