Girls and sex

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Moral panics about female sexuality seem nearly old as humanity itself: Eve, the original victim of slut-shaming. Orenstein cites her own adolescent daughter and nieces as inspirations to write the book, and likewise, my year-old daughter was a reason I wanted to read it. The young women Orenstein interviews are trying to become sexual subjects amid pressures to serve as sexualized objects. In short, a host of social institutions failed or abdicated their responsibility to foster an honest discussion with youth about any aspect of sex besides its perils. More concerning is how most of her interviewees seem like younger versions of herself: white, well educated and upper middle class. What will she learn from her peers?

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Ample, valuable information on the way young women in America perceive and react to their sexual environment. After interviewing dozens of young women between the ages of 15 and 20, as well as educators, sociologists, psychologists, and other experts, New York Times Magazine contributing writer Orenstein Cinderella Ate My Daughter , , etc. With a daughter of her own soon entering this new phase of her life, the author sought to understand the current culture, "at a time when celebrities presented self-objectification as a source of strength, power, independence; when looking desirable seemed a substitute for feeling desire; when 50 Shades of Grey …was being hailed as the ultimate feminine fantasy; when no woman under the age of forty appeared to have pubic hair. They were frank about the often unspoken expectations of boys to receive fellatio with no sense of reciprocity and how the act has become so common that most girls don't even consider it sex. Ready access to pornography via the Internet has raised boys' expectations of how girls will react when engaged in intercourse.
The author of the New York Times bestseller Cinderella Ate My Daughter offers a clear-eyed picture of the new sexual landscape girls face in the post-princess stage—high school through college—and reveals how they are negotiating it. A generation gap has emerged between parents and their girls. While the media has focused—often to sensational effect—on the rise of casual sex and the prevalence of rape on campus, in Girls and Sex Peggy Orenstein brings much more to the table.