Dreamer hajimete no gal

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I just read Ch37 and man……I feel like the anime might be able to make it work with 10eps…. Oh and respect to Haikyuu OST. For anybody out there who is unmotivated and distressed by works, tests or research papers, just listen to this. If you enjoy this translation, please leave a comment on my blog or my MAL.

Hajimete No Gal

HAJIMETE NO GAL CH (ENG T.) PT. 2 (2nd attempt) | Dreamer

One more highlight awaits us: Ranko. Ladies and gentlemen, round of applause for Junichi. Because he…. Glasses: This is one of my favorite chapters, so I am going to it a special featured image. From Ch31 to here. If you guys told my past self from a year ago that […]. Me: Oh, just casual blogging and translating.

See the gallery. Title: Hajimete No Gal —. Junichi "Jun" Hashiba is an uncool high school student who frets about wanting to lose his virginity. Egged on by his friends, Jun goes on his knees and confesses his love to a classmate named Yukana Yame.
High school boy Junichi Hashiba laments not having a girlfriend as his classmates have seemed to be pairing up everywhere. His single unattached friends force him into boldly confessing his love to Yukana Yame, a beautiful "gal" at the school. Although Yukana easily determines that Junichi really just wants to lose his virginity , she agrees to be his girlfriend.