Boy wearing diapers story

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I know that's his mom, but he just needs to tell at her. Show some edge boy Nolan. How's the sequel coming? This is in my top 10 stories!! Any news on the sequel? By fingerfish Watch.

13 Of The Best Diaper-Blowout Stories

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Every parent I know has a horrifying diaper blowout story. They are the tales we tell around the proverbial campfire to delight other parents, the yarns we spin to frighten our child-free and expecting friends. Because when a night out costs double what it used to babysitters you learn to make your own fun. Look, everyone going into the parenting business knows they're in for a small mountain of poo for the next couple years. You didn't realize how different baby poop is from adult poop or how much mental energy it would require to constantly deal with it.

Nolan Diapered on the Road

HOW (did this happen). WHO (is crazy enough to do this). NO NAUGHTY "HARD STUFF".
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