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Before I start the story, I would like to point out how this one is a true story unlike most stories. A few days ago, I was bored and had nothing better to do so I decided to go to the adult bookstore. I had been there before and I knew about the booths in the back, as a lot of adult stores have them, but I had never visited them before. This time though, I had nothing but time so I figured why not and headed to the back. I sat in the booth for a few minutes watching the demo movie playing on the TV. It wasn't long until the door in the next booth opened and closed and I heard a couple messing around.

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When I was a freshman in college a girlfriend and I were messing around one night and we decided we wanted to watch an x-rated movie. Nothing was showing on cable, so we decided to go to a neighborhood "Adult" book store and video arcade. When we arrived, the parking lot was nearly deserted so Read On.

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This story actually happened the other day. I stopped in at a local adult bookstore. I have always been into guys but never went very far. That all changed tonight.
After Rebecca, my first wife and I, broke up, and even though we'd rarely ever been truly 'happy' as a married couple, I was depressed for a while after words. This story is true and happened recently We met some friends for drinks on a Saturday evening. It was an enjoyable time, and we left the bar relatively early to head home. At that time the drinking age was 18 so I wanted to buy some beer at the liquor store and the second thing I wanted to do was go to an adult bookstore.