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For more than four decades, sex education has been a critically important but contentious public health and policy issue in the United States [ 1 — 5 ]. AOUM was funded within a variety of domestic and foreign aid programs, with 49 of 50 states accepting federal funds to promote AOUM in the classroom [ 7 , 8 ]. Since then, rigorous research has documented both the lack of efficacy of AOUM in delaying sexual initiation, reducing sexual risk behaviors, or improving reproductive health outcomes and the effectiveness of comprehensive sex education in increasing condom and contraceptive use and decreasing pregnancy rates [ 7 — 12 ]. At the federal level, the U.

What Sex Was Like In The '90s

What Sex Was Like In The '90s

As our humble narrator, Friend, a longtime Vanity Fair editor, writes about sex with a delicate balance of sobriety and cheeky wit. Rising to meet the subject at hand, Friend eschews the dry droning-on that may encumber similar texts; he is not averse to the occasional pun or playful turn-of-phrase. We have a vague idea of what went down, naturally, but I think few of my friends would know who Paula Jones, or Anita Hill, or Gennifer Flowers, or Lorena Bobbitt were. And while for reasons of context and clarity you have to think about the reader, in many ways I was just writing a book I thought would appeal to Boomers. I had a long line and every person in line was a twenty or thirtysomething, because they looked at the book and the '90s as their decade, the decade when they grew up and came of age.

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After all, with a vast amount of porn just a quick Google search away, who really needs to buy a glossy magazine to see nudity? But think back a couple of decades ago when Playboy was still pushing the boundary of what sexy meant. It was a time when posing for Playboy meant female empowerment.
Technically, sexual harassment became illegal under the Civil Rights Act's ban on sex discrimination, but it took three more decades of court rulings to establish the current concepts of what it entails and how to address it. And society took awhile to acknowledge the problem, too. NEW YORK — Back in , Karen Schneider was an entry-level copy editor in her 20s when a senior editor at her newspaper offered her a ride after some late-night drinks with colleagues.