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Through his reviews he trained the middle-class to read and to take an active interest in literary problems. Through his Curier de ambe sexe he disseminated translations from political and other works, thus paving the way for the political change of Both in Italy and France he was engaged in collecting materials for his great work, which occupied him about twenty-five years, L'Histoire des ordres monastiques, religieux, et militaires, et des congregations seculieres, de l'un et de l'autre sexe , qui ont ete etablies jusqu'd present, published in 8 volumes in The term is derived from the French cacher, which means to hide, and sexe , which means genitals.


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A cache-sexe is an item, often a small garment, that covers its user's genitals. Cache-sexe is a loanword from French. Cache-sexe is also an alternate term for modesty plate , sometimes caping , a small triangular or heart-shaped jewelry worn to hide the genitals, typically made of silver, gold, or brass.
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