Harley quinn and poison ivy kiss

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As someone fresh out of an abusive relationship, season one Harley needed to take the time to rediscover herself and figure out what kind of presence she wanted to be in Gotham city. Instead, the series told a much more heartfelt, moving story about how true love has to develop organically over time. Before there was Harley Quinn, there was Dr. But while Harley puts her degree to good use in trying to figure the Joker out, she also spends a small, but not insignificant time interacting with Ivy. At the time, Ivy was her most vicious self, ready to murder any and everyone dumb enough to get too close to her and whatever plants she could get her hands on.

DC Universe

Harley Quinn & Posion Ivy Finally Kiss On DC Universe (Because Of Bane)

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Fans have been anxiously waiting to see how Harley Quinn would handle the romance between Pamela Isley and Harleen Quinzel. The two villains have been romantically linked for nearly as long as they've been best friends and partners in crime, though their earliest appearances in cartoons and comics merely teased at their true relationship. They urged fans to be patient, however, given that the show started with Ivy and Harley barely being friends, much less best friends and lovers like in other universes. This was an intentional choice, meant to develop both characters individually before bringing them together. The gal pals planned a daring escape that involved a riot and hijacking the personal helicopter of George Lopez, who was performing for the prisoners.
While the first season of Harley Quinn teased something more than friendship for Harley and Poison Ivy, this season toned down the foreshadowing down a bit. Instead of relationships, Harley's been more laser-focused on killing off the Injustice League to rule new New Gotham. Season 2 has Ivy head over heels in love with him, so much so they're engaged and wedding planning.