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Among the most formidable fighters to face Goku and the rest of his team from Universe 7 was the fused Super Saiyan from Universe 6, Kefla. Formed by the powerful Kale and Caulifa , the fused warrior very nearly eliminated Goku over the course of the tournament as the strongest warrior from their universe. Here is an overview of Kefla's history, her powers and abilities, and her role in Dragon Ball Super. As Universe 6's battle in the Tournament of Power escalates, it is revealed that the Super Saiyan warriors Kale and Caulifa received mystical Potara earrings to use as a last resort.

Caulifa (DBS)

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Still, despite all of these things, nothing could overtop the joy fans felt when it was confirmed that they'd be getting their first female Super Saiyans in the franchise. When Kale first transformed during the Tournament of Power, she completely lost it. Jiren stepped in to stop her before she could do too much damage, hitting her with a powerful attack that reverted her to her base form. As strong as Kale was, it would've made sense for him to send her out of the ring so that she wouldn't be a threat to any more of his comrades. There's no good reason why his attack didn't send her off the stage.

This here's about finding the strongest fighter in the Cosmos. I'm not here to make new friends. To the Null Realm with the Universes on the Line! She is the the leader of a gang of Saiyan criminals.
Dragon Ball Super 's Tournament of Power story introduced Caulifla, the anime's first-ever female hero to reach the Super Saiyan transformation. Caulifla is actually the first of two female Super Saiyans, the other being her best friend Kale , a character who achieves the form shortly after Caulifla. Over the course of episodes, Dragon Ball Super added several new heroes and villains to Dragon Ball canon, with the bulk of them being introduced in the Universal Survival Saga.