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Jennifer Lawrence has never been known to restrain herself when it came to dishing about her personal life, and, granted, that has fit her personality quite well as she became a household name for her award-winning acting roles. However, as of late, she has been relatively low key, having just got married, it seems as though the famous personality has weened off ever so slightly. Nonetheless, the loveable actress' most notable bungle of the last few years was her involvement in the film 'Passengers,' and the equally awkward sex scene with Chris Pratt. When it was initially teased, hype surrounding 'Passengers' was quite high, given that at the time both Lawrence and Pratt were at the heights of their respective fame and combining the two of them in one blockbuster film was thought to be a perfect match up for the landscape of the time. The scene that was initially shown to the public depicted Lawrence going for a swim aboard a spaceship.

Jennifer Lawrence Reveals How She Got 'Really, Really Drunk' For Sex Scenes With Chris Pratt

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt Bond For Sex Scene - video dailymotion

Jennifer Lawrence seems to be laying relatively low these days. She just got married , and she has more than earned a break. Those reached a peak when the movie Passengers came out because it was billed as her first sex scene. However, that was far from the only issue that the film faced when it came out. Ar first glance, Passengers seemed to be a slick, shiny thriller starring two of the biggest names in movies: Lawrence and Chris Pratt.

Jennifer Lawrence opens up about her nipples in Red Sparrow

Most actors when asked about what it's like to film a sex scene politely reply that it was not at all awkward. All business, no big deal. But Jennifer Lawrence has said that her sex scene with Chris Pratt was "just a bizarre experience. Jennifer said that she prepared for her first sex scene by getting "really, really drunk. I don't know.
By Olivia Elgart For Dailymail. Jennifer Lawrence has opened up about one of her biggest concerns about doing her first nude scene: the appearance of her nipples. The year-old actress made the candid confession during an appearance on Ellen DeGeneres's talk show on Friday, admitting that she was so focused on how her nipples might look that she actually berated the crew after they made the set too warm.