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Warning: This article addresses graphic subject matter that may not be appropriate for all readers. With news cameras flashing, adult film performer Cameron Bay told reporters that in her last porn shoot before testing positive for HIV, her partner's penis was bleeding -- and he wasn't wearing a condom. After stopping momentarily, the cameras continued rolling, she said. Bay, whose positive HIV test sparked the first of two porn moratoriums in the last month, spoke Wednesday at a Hollywood press conference with other adult film performers, including two who said they also contracted HIV this year.

The Porn Industry Is Rethinking How It Works With HIV Positive Performers

Porn Performer With HIV Says Costar Was Bleeding During Shoot (GRAPHIC) | HuffPost

Two adult film actors have contracted HIV, with one most likely infecting the other during unprotected sex at a film shoot in Nevada where testing was less stringent than industry standards, officials said. One of the actors had previously tested negative for the virus that causes Aids before a pair of film shoots, but then began showing symptoms during the second shoot and was later found to be HIV-positive, the California Department of Public Health said Monday in a statement. The infections came amid a major decline in porn filming in Los Angeles County — once the center of porn production in the country — after the passage of a law requiring porn actors to use condoms during filming. The number of porn filmmakers applying for shooting permits in the county declined from in to 40 in The Free Speech Coalition, a California-based trade group for the adult film industry, said the pair of film shoots linked to the latest infections occurred in September on a Nevada set using tests that do not detect HIV as early as tests done on sets that fully comply with industry standards. The group said it joined the California Department of Public Health in declaring a production moratorium when the infections were first discovered.

Sexually transmitted infections in the pornography industry

As of [update] , 22 HIV cases in the U. According to former pornographic actress Shelley Lubben , a s outbreak of HIV led to the death of 27 porn stars between and , including Wade Nichols who died in , [7] John Holmes , Marc Stevens , and Al Parker Six months previously, he had tested negative.
In late January, tucked away in a fluorescent-lit conference room at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, dozens of porn industry insiders gathered for a panel on the latest in HIV research. In the neighboring exhibit halls, the annual Adult Entertainment Expo was underway, and fans lined up for autographs from performers and poked at the surreal flesh of sex dolls. Anyone who tests HIV positive is permanently barred from the system. In the wake of the panel, rumors started circulating on Twitter, including claims that PASS had been suddenly changed to allow HIV-positive performers into the general talent pool.