Naked vegetables

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Naked Juice is a brand of fruit and vegetable smoothies with enticing flavor combinations like Pomegranate Blueberry and Green Machine — a blend of apple, kiwi, broccoli, and several other tasty foods. Some of its drinks are supplemented with vitamins or health foods, such as spirulina. However, other products, such as Blue or Red Machine, pack as many as calories and 76 grams of carbs per Despite having no added sugars, Naked Juice beverages are still high in sugar from naturally occurring sources like fruits.

Is Naked Juice Healthy? Benefits and Downsides

'Food in the Nude' project helps New Zealand supermarket reduce plastic use

Aldi UK is extending a trial of removing plastic packaging from fresh vegetable lines to parts of England, after a pilot programme in Scotland reduced more than three tonnes of plastic. Aldi has pledged to ensure all packaging on its own-label is reusable, recyclable or compostable before The supermarket began selling loose savoy cabbage, red cabbage, white cabbage, pointed cabbage and cauliflower as part of a six-week trial scheme in Scotland in March Following the success of the trial, stores in the North East and South East of England will implement a similar initiative in early July.

The Naked Veg Bag

New World Bishopdale is having fun with cutting plastic. The misting is electronically controlled and provides great in-store theater; children just love it. He said because the system helps keep the fruit and vegetables fresh, less are wasted. New World Bishopdale is also offering reusable string bags for weighing and carrying produce without plastic.
Sales of some vegetables have soared by up to per cent following moves by a number of New Zealand supermarkets to ditch plastic packaging. A group of New World supermarkets have abandoned the use of plastic wrapping for virtually all of their fruit and vegetables in a project labelled 'food in the nude'. Pioneered by the New World store at Bishopdale in Christchurch, it has led to stunning sales figures.