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Of course, we needed to see each in a bikini top. Take Our Poll We will run a poll until the end of the year and you will pick the winner of the Miss paranormal hotie. Kris got fake boobs? But she does seem to be in love with herself. I think Amy Bruni of GH definitely should have been included — although not conventionally beautifully, she is definitely very attractive, much more so than Ryder and Jael.

Jael de Pardo

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I just love it when they walk around in the dark in infrared-invisible white shirts looking for EVPs—ectoplasmic virtual penetrations or something. These are like NILFs from beyond the grave—no way a normal newswoman could compete with those sexy credentials! Jael de Pardo getting to the bottom of the mermaid mystery. My favorite episode is the one in the Haunted Hooters restaurant from Daytona Beach. Mysterious nipple-hardening breezes keep wafting down from out-of-control air-conditioning ducts.

Jael de Pardo

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