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Despite a snafu with my debit card and the ATMs here thanks Amanda for the rescue! Promptly leaving Dubai behind, we first passed through Sharjah to the north, the third largest and third most populous city in the UAE. Abandoned houses and mosques litter this area, which has been believed by locals to be haunted. Otherwise, this is the closest idea you can get to a traditional town that depicted life before oil was discovered in the United Arab Emirates. Some of the steps are NOT secure so test each one carefully before taking a step I had to lunge up skipping a few.

Man secretly films woman naked in Dubai flat, blackmails her

Dubai visitor robbed, filmed naked on 'Tinder date' - News | Khaleej Times

A year-old man has been charged at a Dubai court after he allegedly blackmailed a female acquaintance with her nude photos and videos. The Court of First Instance heard how the Jordanian manager got the compromising footage of the victim, also Jordanian, after he secretly filmed her at her residence. Public prosecution records show he had lured the woman to move into his flat which he offered her for rent. The victim was not aware she was being filmed with surveillance cameras installed inside the house.

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Dubai: Two men went on trial at the Dubai Court of First Instance after they were accused of stripping a Dubai worker naked on camera, stealing a Dh mobile phone from him and threatening to publish his images online. The two Indian defendants, aged 27 and 21, refused to give the worker, also an Indian, his full salary and physically assaulted him. According to the Dubai Court of First Instance, the year-old Indian worker entered the country in May on a visit visa and was searching for a job when another person recruited him on a construction site for Dh1, per month. In November , the victim was heading to Al Refaa police station when the two defendants pushed him inside a room and assaulted him with a bar.
A Dubai tourist was lured into a flat after he met a woman online. But instead of meeting his Tinder date, he was held up against his will, stripped naked and filmed. He was also robbed of his bank cards at knifepoint. The Dubai Court of First Instance heard the case in which a year-old African saleswoman is accused- together with runaway accomplices - of imprisoning the tourist, a European, and threatening him with a knife.