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He thought they were having fun — the tickling made her laugh, after all — but she dreaded it. More than once, she rolled off the couch and hit her head on the coffee table. Many of us have memories of being tickled in a way that made us feel annoyed, uncomfortable or even violated. The idea of unwelcome tickling dates as far back as Socrates, who said it brought more pain than pleasure. Yet plenty of children, my 3-year-old daughter included, genuinely seem to enjoy it. Tickling sends her into fits of delighted giggles.

What Causes the Tickle Response?

The Science Behind Why Tickles Make Us Laugh | The Swaddle

People vary in how sensitive they are to tickling. Some people are only ticklish sometimes, while others are not ticklish at all. Scientists have discussed the tickle response for hundreds of years, yet researchers are only just beginning to understand why some people are ticklish, and what purpose this strange response might serve. Researchers do not fully understand why people are ticklish and what evolutionary benefit tickling might offer, although there are several possible explanations. Some people believe that the tickle response might be protective. The most ticklish body parts are also the most vulnerable, such as the abdomen and throat. An automatic reflex-like response to push away the cause of the tickle could help protect these sensitive areas.

Why are some people ticklish?

Beneath your skin lay millions of tiny nerve endings that alert the brain to all manner of touch and exposure to things like heat and cold. It's this sense that allow us to keep from burning our hand off if we put it on a hot stove or to know we should put on a coat and another layer of clothing when it's freezing outside. When these nerve endings are lightly stimulated -- for example, by another person's fingers or by a feather -- they send a message through your nervous system to your brain, which analyzes the message.
To save this word, you'll need to log in. The tag on the sweater tickled his neck. My nose started to tickle.